August 27, 2007

Ever feel insignificant? If you have seen the movie “Ants” (if you have not, rent it and watch it) you might remember the start of the movie where Zee is in a counseling session. As a worker ant, he believes that being part of a community makes him insignificant. As the movie progresses, Zee comes to see through a new paradigm. He realizes that being part of a community actually makes him more significant than living life as a lone ranger.

This reality is true for us humans as well. Significance comes through community. In community you have the opportunity to impact people’s lives. You have the blessing of being part of something larger than yourself. You accomplish more than you would ever accomplish alone.

Do you want to be spiritually significant? Do you desire to impact people’s lives now and for eternity? Be an active part of a Christ-centered community, and you will experience the greatest significance of all.  (Hebrews 10:24-25)


EXP Music Lineup – 8.25.07

August 26, 2007

I hope you enjoyed the music tonight.  God continues to move in awesome ways!  Thanks for sharing this special time with us!

Song (Artist/CD)
Hosanna (Brenton Brown/Everlasting God)
(Note: this song is also on other Brenton Brown and Paul Baloche CDs)
We Will (Vinyard Music/You and You Alone)
All We Need (Passion Worship Band: Charlie Hall/Passion 06: Everything Glorious)
(Note:  this song is also on Charlie Hall/Flying Into Daybreak)
King of Glory (Chris Tomlin/Arriving)
Called to Know You (Isaiah Six/Jealous One)
Nothing But the Blood (Passion Worship Band: Charlie Hall/Passion 05: How Great is Our God)
(Note:  this song is on Charlie Hall/Flying Into Daybreak)
The Noise We Make (Chris Tomlin/The Noise We Make)
(Note:  this song is on Passion Worship Band: Chris Tomlin/Passion: The Road to Oneday)

Have a great week!

EXP Music Lineup – 8.18.07

August 20, 2007

I hope you enjoyed the music last night.  God is so awesome!  It is an honor to sing His praise!

Song (Artist/CD)
Let the Praises Ring (Lincoln Brewster/Amazed)
(Note: this song is on several Lincoln Brewster CDs)
Give It All Away (Aaron Shust/Anything Worth Singing)
Glorious (Passion Worship Band: Chris Tomlin/Passion 06: Everything Glorious)
(Note:  this song is also on Chris Tomlin/See the Morning)
Called to Know You (Isaiah Six/Jealous One)
Everlasting God (Brenton Brown/Everlasting God)
(Note:  this song is on several albums including:  Marcus Dawes Band/Growing Above the Treeline, Chris Tomlin/See the Morning, Lincoln Brewster/Let the Praises Ring: The Best of Lincoln Brewster)
For the Lord Our God Reigns (Don Marsh/20/20:a Worship Collection)
Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin/See the Morning)

Prayer Request

August 14, 2007

Nancy Jones is an active EXP attender. She has requested prayer. Please take time over the next few days to pray for her. She will be having surgery in early September. Pray for skill with the surgeons and a speedy recovery.

Let me hear from you!

August 14, 2007

If you read this blog by Wednesday Aug 15, let me hear from you. Your practical input will help with the message at EXP this coming Saturday.
1. How do you apply your faith and the teaching of God’s Word to your every day life?
2. Share a story when God’s Word ministered to you during a difficult time.
3. How do you demonstrate your faith in Christ in you work place?

Turn down the music – my ears are ringing!

August 13, 2007

“Why is the music so loud?”    “This isn’t a rock concert!  It’s a church service!”

As the Worship Leader, I get a lot of feedback.  Two of the common questions are:

  1. Why is the music so loud?
  2. Why is it so dark during the praise and worship time?

How many times have you found yourself driving along and one of your fravorite songs comes on the radio?  I don’t mean just a favorite song, but one with a good driving beat.  You find yourself tapping the steering wheel (or in my case, playing some serious air drums!).  Your head is moving in beat with the music.  You’re singing at the top of your lungs.  Maybe you’re doing some serious seat dancing, all the while waiting for the light to turn green.

Suddenly, you turn and hits you.  The person in the car next to you has been watching you trying to determine if they should call 911 to help you out of a seizure.  The may be laughing out loud at you.  Maybe even pointing!

What do you do?  You stop!  You stop dancing!  You stop tapping!  You stop singing!  You stare straight ahead!  Embarrassed!  Caught!


Many of us struggle with self-confidence issues.  We don’t sing as well as Joe.  We don’t want anyone to know that our toes are tapping, our hands are clapping, or we want to do a little seat dancing.  Why?  Shouldn’t our focus be on worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?  Shouldn’t we be seeking to please Him?  Still it is difficult to step out of our eternal coolness – our need to be accepted. 

We turn up the music volume at EXP to allow you to sing at the top of your lungs, if you want, without worrying about those around you.  We turn the lights down so that you can focus less on the people at the end of your row and more on worshiping Jesus Christ.  We want to do everything we can to facilitate an atmosphere where you are free to worship your Lord and Savior as you see fit.  You may want to lift your hands.  You may want to clap.  You may want to dance in your seat.  You may want to look to the heavens and envision God on his throne.  Whatever it is you want to do, within reason, you should feel free to do.  It is all about Jesus Christ, the Lamb who was slain for our sins.

EXP Music Lineup – 8.11.07

August 12, 2007

God bless you!  Let me know how well you like these!

Song (Artist/Album Title)
As Long As I Have You (Mark Roach/Every Reason Why)
Open Up the Heavens (Hillsong United/More Than Life)
Everything Glorious (Passion Worship Band (David Crowder)/Passion o6: Everything Glorious)
Come Now Is the Time to Worship (Brian Doerksen/Live in Europe)
Awesome Is the Lord (Passion Worship Band (Chris Tomlin)/Passion o6: Everything Glorious)
Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin/See the Morning)