EXP Music Lineup – 8.4.07

Here are the songs we did last week at EXP:

Song (Artist/Album Title)
You Are God Alone (Not a God) (Billy and Cindy Foote/Not a God)
You Are (Johnathon Wiggins)
Your Love is Extravagant (Casting Crowns/Casting Crowns)
Holy is the Lord (Chris Tomlin/Arriving)
My King (Planetshakers/My King: Live Praise and Worship)
As Long As I Have You (Mark Roach/Every Reason Why)
Everlasting God (Brenton Brown/Everlasting God)
Because of Your Love (Paul Baloche/A Greater Song)
Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin/See the Morning)


One Response to EXP Music Lineup – 8.4.07

  1. Brandon Knowles says:

    Kenny, I was juts wondering about that music that you were trying to get for me. My mom said that someone had some for me and I was just wanting to get an update from you. If you can give me a call at 382-4770 and let me know whats going on that would be great man!!

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