EXP Music Lineup – 8.18.07

I hope you enjoyed the music last night.  God is so awesome!  It is an honor to sing His praise!

Song (Artist/CD)
Let the Praises Ring (Lincoln Brewster/Amazed)
(Note: this song is on several Lincoln Brewster CDs)
Give It All Away (Aaron Shust/Anything Worth Singing)
Glorious (Passion Worship Band: Chris Tomlin/Passion 06: Everything Glorious)
(Note:  this song is also on Chris Tomlin/See the Morning)
Called to Know You (Isaiah Six/Jealous One)
Everlasting God (Brenton Brown/Everlasting God)
(Note:  this song is on several albums including:  Marcus Dawes Band/Growing Above the Treeline, Chris Tomlin/See the Morning, Lincoln Brewster/Let the Praises Ring: The Best of Lincoln Brewster)
For the Lord Our God Reigns (Don Marsh/20/20:a Worship Collection)
Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin/See the Morning)


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