EXP Music Lineup – 8.25.07

I hope you enjoyed the music tonight.  God continues to move in awesome ways!  Thanks for sharing this special time with us!

Song (Artist/CD)
Hosanna (Brenton Brown/Everlasting God)
(Note: this song is also on other Brenton Brown and Paul Baloche CDs)
We Will (Vinyard Music/You and You Alone)
All We Need (Passion Worship Band: Charlie Hall/Passion 06: Everything Glorious)
(Note:  this song is also on Charlie Hall/Flying Into Daybreak)
King of Glory (Chris Tomlin/Arriving)
Called to Know You (Isaiah Six/Jealous One)
Nothing But the Blood (Passion Worship Band: Charlie Hall/Passion 05: How Great is Our God)
(Note:  this song is on Charlie Hall/Flying Into Daybreak)
The Noise We Make (Chris Tomlin/The Noise We Make)
(Note:  this song is on Passion Worship Band: Chris Tomlin/Passion: The Road to Oneday)

Have a great week!


2 Responses to EXP Music Lineup – 8.25.07

  1. Stephanie says:

    I think the music has been wonderful! Thanks for all of the time and effort! I have been hearing a wonderful song called “Song of Hope” by the Robbie Seay Band that I think would be a great worship song to sing. Just a thought!

  2. So cool to see that Isaiah Six made the roster this time! I love Derek Levendusky and his band! I should also mention his wonderful wife Heidi Jo! 🙂 “Called to Know You” is such a powerful song that refocuses our attention back on Him. That’s the whole reason why His Son died…. so that we could have that intimacy He truly longs to have with us! That’s part of our inheritance as children of God! Hallelujah! 🙂 Father, thank you for the intimacy You are offering us! May we truly embrace it!

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