Ever feel insignificant? If you have seen the movie “Ants” (if you have not, rent it and watch it) you might remember the start of the movie where Zee is in a counseling session. As a worker ant, he believes that being part of a community makes him insignificant. As the movie progresses, Zee comes to see through a new paradigm. He realizes that being part of a community actually makes him more significant than living life as a lone ranger.

This reality is true for us humans as well. Significance comes through community. In community you have the opportunity to impact people’s lives. You have the blessing of being part of something larger than yourself. You accomplish more than you would ever accomplish alone.

Do you want to be spiritually significant? Do you desire to impact people’s lives now and for eternity? Be an active part of a Christ-centered community, and you will experience the greatest significance of all.  (Hebrews 10:24-25)


One Response to Insignificance

  1. Cheryl Crain says:

    Darrell, I spoke with Maxine and Dee this evening. Neither are in cluster groups. They thought they would be interested in a ladies group on Saturday’s after EXP. I had also approached Suzanne earlier about possibly helping Jerry and I co-host one.I had thought it would be Sat. after church. I really think perhaps the one with Maxine and Dee might fill more of a need. Let me know what you think and perhaps we could send out an email seeing how many other ladies might like to be in one. If you think there are a number of men that would be interested in a men’s cluster group, perhaps that could go on at the same time in a different spot. I know Jesse Moses comes and there are probably other men that might be interested. There are some great men’s study’s such as Wild at Heart for example. Do you have something that you would particularly want us to study in our groups?

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