September 28, 2007

I played golf at Paako Ridge a few days ago. On one particular hole, a huge evergreen tree was on the left side of the tee box about 50 yards in front of me. “Junk” awaited any ball that sprayed to the right. As I prepared to tee off, I focused on one thought!

“Don’t hit the tree on the left!”

Guess what? I hit the tree on the left.

Plunk! The ball dropped straight down in rough under that tree. I went on to triple bogey that hole. For non-golfers that is a bad score.

I realized my mistake. In my attempt not to hit the tree I actually focused on the tree thus contributing to the result of hitting the tree. I should have focused on hitting the opening instead.

Moral: In life, focus on what you should do rather than what you should not do. As you attempt to do the right thing, focus on that rather than the wrong thing.  You’ll hit alot less trees that way!


EXP Music Lineup – 9.22.07

September 26, 2007

I apologize for getting this out late!


Song (Artist/CD)


Filled With Your Glory (Starfield/Starfield)

Give You Glory (Jeremy Camp/Beyond Measure)

Salvation (Passion Worship Band (Charlie Hall)/The Best of Passion (So Far))

Enough (Chris Tomlin/Not to Us)

Note:  This song is on many CDs by many artists

Called to Know You (Isaiah Six/Jealous One)

Beautiful One (Jeremy Camp/Carried Me – The Praise Album)


God bless you this week!



EXP Music Lineup – 9.15.07

September 16, 2007

God bless you this week!

Song (Artist/CD)
Give You Glory (Jeremy Camp/Beyond Measure)
Salvation (Charlie Hall/A Place Called Surrender)
Yesterday, Today, and Forever (Vicky Beeching/Yesterday, Today, and Forver)
It’s You We Praise (Darrell Anderson – no recording)
Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin/See the Morning)

Sermon Audio Posted

September 12, 2007

The sermon audio from Saturday, Sept. 9, has been posted. As always, right click on the links to download.

You Have Heard It Said…Repentance (part 2 of the series)
You Have Heard It Said… (series intro)

Enjoy! And be sure to come back this Saturday as we explore the topic of “Salvation.”

EXP Music Lineup – 9.8.07

September 9, 2007

God continues to bless and move through our service  God bless you!

Song (Artist/CD)
Give You Glory (Jeremy Camp/Beyond Measure)
Lord Most High (Dave Lubben/A Place Called Surrender)
Holy Holy (Tim Hughes/When Silence Falls)
Take My Life (Passion Worship Band (Chris Tomlin)/Sacred Revolutions: Songs from Oneday03)
Indescribable (Chris Tomlin/Arriving)
As Long As I Have You (Mark Roach/Every Reason Why)
You Are So Good to Me (Third Day/Offerings II: All I Have to Give)

EXP Music Lineup – 9.1.07

September 9, 2007

Sorry for getting this posted so late!  God bless you!

Song (Artist/CD)
Because of Your Love (Paul Baloche/A Greater Song)
Not to Us (Chris Tomlin/Not to Us)
Trading My Sorrows (Darrell Evans/Trading My Sorrows: The Best of Darrell Evans)
Hungry (Kathryn Scott/Hungry (Falling on My Knees))
Send Your Rain (Passion Worship Band/Passion: Live Music from the 268 Generation)
You Alone (Passion Worship Band/Passion: Live Music from the 268 Generation)
I Bow Down (Joel Engle/Made for Worship)