The Frog Prince

Are you familiar with the fairy tale The Frog Prince? It is best known through the Brothers Grimm’s written version. It is a classic story that has been retold and adapted in various versions. However, the main idea of the fairy tale is that a handsome prince (soon to be king) has been turned into a frog by a wicked witch. A lovely daughter of a king meets up with this frog, dialogues with the frog not knowing it to be a prince. The frog does a favor for the daughter and eventually winds up in the daughter’s bedroom where it returns to a prince. You can read the story to fill in the details.

Reading through the story, I felt for the frog prince. Can you imagine being a prince and all of a sudden you are a frog? Consider how his alteration affected him. He is really a prince, but no one recognizes him as a prince. No crown only warts. Once he lived in the palace but now he resides in a algae-invested pond. He ate from the king’s table, now he dines on frog food. He is suddenly confined to the limitations of “frogness” unable to do simple human endeavors. What a bummer!

Is Jesus’ experience not unlike this fairy tale prince but a million times more dramatic! The King of Kings becomes a servant. The one who knows no time and space is now confined to both. God becomes man! Once living in Glory, surrounded by angels who worship Him unceasingly, he now resides in a fallen world surrounded by those who will reject him and despise him. The infinite takes upon himself finiteness! One difference (among others-don’t take this analogy to far) between the frog prince and the Son of God: the prince became a frog by a wicked act, against his wishes. It was not something he chose. Jesus however, became a man freely, by his choice, a selfless, loving act. Another difference, the story of Jesus is no fairy tale!

Advent is about the coming of God to us! With us! For us! During Advent season reflect on the sacrifice Christ made for you. He is not a Frog Prince. He is the God-man!


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