I can still remember the feelings of excitement, anticipation, and to be honest, absolute fear, as I awaited the birth of my sons. The first birth was the most emotional simply because it was the first. At the second birth I thought I was a pro (I talk like I had the hard job) until the actual event was nigh. The second quickly became as wonderful as the first. Even though my sons are 21 (almost) and 18 now, the emotion of those births are as fresh today as if they happened yesterday.

Joy is a great word to express my emotions during the births. Overwhelming, uncontainable joy. The birth of my two sons changed my life forever. So it is with the birth of Christ. Advent is about joy. “Joy to the world!” The birth of Christ changed the world forever. The important question however, is has it changed yours? As you experience Advent, as you expectantly wait for Christmas, may you reflect on the joy that Christ gives those who follow him. May the joy given you through Christ be as real to you today as it was when you first met him.


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