I now wear no-line bifocals. What a bummer. No one stays young forever right? When I read, I must look through the bottom part of my glasses. Otherwise, the words are blurry. When I look in the distance I must gaze through the top half of my glasses. It is interesting that a small adjustment in how I view things can radically change how I see things.

Advent helps my perspective. It is easy to view life as a glass half empty. We focus so much on the negative things going on in our lives that we lose sight of the great things in our lives. All of us have struggles and deal with difficult issues. However, I feel pretty certain that if we examine our lives, we all have much to be thankful for. The good probably far outweighs the bad!

Advent is a time to focus on God’s goodness. When we do joy erupts! Use this Advent season to change your perspective. A slight adjustment in how you view life will make a huge difference in how you see life and live life. Joy to the world the Lord has come!


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