Just a Thought – Humility

It would be crazy for me to walk up to Michael Jordan, probably the greatest basketball player ever, and tell him of my great basketball abilities. It would be ridiculous for me to brag about my bank account to Donald Trump. Do you think Harrison Ford would be impressed that I was the lead in my 2nd grade play? These guys are so far beyond me in their respective talents, that to act like I am on their level or to boast about my meager accomplishments in their fields is insane!

I wander though if I sometimes approach God with that attitude! “Hey God, look how holy I am!” “God, have you noticed how faithful I am?” By spouting my spiritual accomplishments, somehow I believe God will be impressed with me. Like I am as “godly” as God?!

Proverbs 25:6 starts out by saying, “Do not exalt yourself in the king’s presence.” The height of arrogance is thinking I am somehow on God’s level. To compare my basketball skills with Michael Jordan is ridiculous. To compare myself with God is unthinkable.

I think I am better off living Micah 6:8, “walk humbly with your God.” Humility is much wiser and more attractive than pride as you relate to others and especially as you relate to God.

Just a thought!


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