An Unusual Apartment Ministry

An interesting event occurred Tuesday, Feb. 29. A man, wanted by the police, barricaded himself in an apartment complex. Within a short time, police officers, SWAT and a variety of other law enforcement personnel initiated a standoff that lasted about 8 hours or more. The interesting part is that our church became the Red Cross refuge for the tenants of the apartment complex. They evacuated the complex, picked up children from school, contacted others at work, and had them all come to the church until the crisis was ended.

Several staff and lay people from Paramount were on hand to help minister to these families. I watched as our people began to build relationships with individuals and share the love of Christ. Children were laughing and playing in the play zones while youth were in video game heaven. A tense, negative situation, was lightened because followers of Christ took an opportunity to minister in an unusual situation.

I believe lives were touched through the experience. Mine was! It will be interesting to see the long term impact that night had on children and adults alike. The love of Christ was practically and vividly demonstrated through his people. Thank you Red Cross, thank you Paramount members for making a difference.


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