EXP in the Globe-News

The Amarillo Globe-News has a great article by Joe Southern this morning on the front page of the “Faith” section about denominations that (perhaps unexpectedly) observe Lent. Because EXP is part of a Southern Baptist church, we get a lot of very positive mentions in the article — including substantial quotes from Darrell, Cheryl Crain, and Mark Hotmann. Lots of good things to think about.

From Darrell:

“It has been a positive worship experience for our people. It is not mandatory. We do not pressure people to participate nor make them feel guilty if they do not want to participate,” he said.

From Cheryl:

[Cheryl] said she was at first inclined to give up something for health reasons but instead felt compelled to give up a luxury she really enjoyed. Jerry agreed.

“This is just not a traditional practice for Baptists,” she said. “It’s very foreign.”

From Mark:

Mark Hotmann, who plays in the EXP praise band, said he grew up Baptist and didn’t know much about Lent.

“I didn’t know about the background or purpose, but last year they explained the background and purpose and encouraged us to participate,” he said.

Read the whole thing here: “Many Denominations Observe Lent


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