Fast is Slow

I was thinking this morning about my Lenten “fast.” I reflected on how ironic the term “fast” is! There is nothing fast about a “fast”. Now that I am about at the half-way point, I confess I find myself wandering, at times, how long I must keep doing this. It seems like my “fast” is taking an eternity. My “fast” needs to hurry up and be over! I catch myself longing to participate in my temporarily forbidden activities. My “fast” sure seems slow!

It is a good reminder for me though. “Good things come to those who wait!” “Patience is a virtue!” These common sayings seem trite, but they are true nonetheless. Character does not come fast; wisdom does not come fast; Christ-likeness does not come fast! The most valued aspects of life are slow-developing. So, while I participate in my Lenten “fast”, I will remember that this discipline slows me down enough to reflect on God’s goodness and my need for Him, and it helps me focus on that slow process of becoming more like Christ and appreciating more deeply what He has done and does for me.


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