Authenticity #6 Podcast

The sixth sermon in our Authenticity series has now been posted. Saturday’s sermon was part one of “Curb Appeal” about the attractiveness of your life to those who drive by. Listen to “Curb Appeal, Part 1” here or direct download it here (right-click the link and select “save target as…”).

As always, feedback is welcome.


One Response to Authenticity #6 Podcast

  1. Joni Jones says:

    This was a unique way of looking at authentic Christianity! As I pondered the message this week, the thought came that when I drive through certain neighborhoods I know that I could never live there. They are way out of my league and my stuff would not be good enough – the neighbors surely would not be very accepting of me. But how many times are a church and fellowship groups like “gated communities” keeping people out that don’t fit our criteria of an acceptable “neighbor”?

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