Spring is Here

Beginning next Saturday, March 29, at EXP, I will be starting a new sermon series. I need your help! Give me any words, thoughts, images or concepts that come to your mind when you think of Spring or Springtime. The new series will revolve around the topic of Spring, so you can help with sermon prep by sharing your thoughts with me. No thought is too insignificant or too outlandish. Let me hear from you!


2 Responses to Spring is Here

  1. Diana Baughman says:


    Hi there!! I wanted to respond to your Spring Blog. When I think of Spring I am reminded of this…

    When it is time for Spring cleaning I must go to God first instead of after
    I used to try to do everything myself and realized I never completed any task or if I did it wasn’t quite right. I have learned now to go to GOD first and then clean.
    I am reminded that God doesn’t want your house (self) to be cleaned before you go to him.
    I always thought I needed to be organized and ready for GOD to take over my life. Boy was I wrong!! He is our Father and wants to help us clean up! We all need his help and guidance!!
    When I think of Spring -flowers/birds/rain I am reminded of these scriptures : Matthew 6:25-34 Powerful!!!!!

  2. John Simmons says:


    I think of new life in the category with spring. The flowers and grass that will turn green and grow along with the budding of trees. I also think of freedom; more freedom to do things outside after being cramped up inside all winter. The pool, working in the yard, cycling, golf, washing the car, opening the windows to air out the house, and more BBQs come to mind. The famous saying “April showers bring May flowers,” always runs through my head around spring! Hope this is what you were looking for.

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