God’s House

I was praying in our EXP worship center yesterday and I began to think about the concept of God’s house. I remember as a child being told not to run in God’s house; not to abuse God’s house. I was taught that God’s house was a special place, a holy place, and I should treat it with respect and reverence.

My thoughts quickly turned to passages in I and II Corinthians where scripture says I am God’s house. My body is God’s temple. Similarly, I should treat my body with respect and reverence. There are things I should not allow inside of me, activities I should not participate in, images I should not gaze upon!

I know, I am simply talking about a building and a body. No big deal right! Wrong! God’s presence changes everything. If God is present in a place, that place becomes holy and special. God’s Spirit lives in me. May I not abuse His dwelling place.


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