Virtual Reality #1: Avatar

On Saturday, Darrell launched a new sermon series he is team-teaching with Gil Lain. It’s called Virtual Reality. Darrell took the first week of the series with “Avatar.” Is Jesus real in your life? Or only something that’s an approximation of real? Listen to the sermon by streaming the message here, or click this link (and “save as…”) to download the complete MP3 file.


One Response to Virtual Reality #1: Avatar

  1. Lana Velasquez says:

    I enjoyed your analogy of an avatar representing our misconceptions of God–making Him what we wish He were. It seems to me that we create avatars of ourselves as well, day in and out, as we project our “sweet” selves (the selves we wish we were) to everyone around us. We’re…virtual avatars — in great need of the virtuous reality that comes as we walk with Jesus.

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